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Facial harmonization: procedure by Fred Nicácio, from BBB23, can cost more than R$ 40,000

It is not uncommon to see cases of facial harmonization that went “wrong” in the eyes of the public. Fred Nicácio, participant of Big Brother Brasil 23, impressed with his “before” and “after”. His husband, Fabio Gelonese, who is also a physician, was responsible for the changes and is another supporter of the procedure. The couple’s photo caused something to talk about on social media, and the rain of comments was not complimentary.

Recently, the transformation of influencer Catherine Bascoy shocked the web, which appeared with well-marked features in a video on Instagram.

At the age of 22, the young woman transformed her jaws, chin, mouth and generated many comments among her more than two million followers: “Wow, she ruined the beauty she had”, and “The face that was beautiful, now looks like a mask.”

Speaking to CNN, physician Nayane Pacheco, specialist in orofacial harmonization, explained that a good result depends on two factors: “It is not enough to have a professional analysis if the patient does not agree. It is the junction of the client’s desire and expectation with the professional’s facial analysis”.

The horizon of changes is extensive: it is possible to increase the size of the lips, reduce cheeks, make the jaw more defined and do the famous “lifting”, which rejuvenates expressions, among many others.

With more than 1 million followers, Nayane posts daily posts that show the results of her procedures, which yield comments like “I want this miracle in my life” or “I would do it without thinking twice”.

Other famous doctors such as specialist Igor Costa Alves and the clinic JK Aesthetics Advanced they also publicize their results and attract attention.

But, after all, what separates a good result from a result considered strange?

Naynane explains that a “strange” result is one in which it is clear that something has been done: “the person has a jaw with a very large projection, a mouth with an exaggerated projection”; while a good result is one in which “everyone looks at it, knows that the person is beautiful, but cannot say if they were born that way or if some aesthetic procedure was performed”, she explained.

Difference between matching and surgery

In an interview with CNN, plastic surgeon Alexandre Kataoka, holder of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, says that theoretically minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures are considered “facial harmonization” – different from a rhinoplasty, for example.

However, Kataoka warns that, invasive or not, all procedures on the face can cause complications that, in some cases, may be irreversible.

In turn, Nayane explains that almost all procedures are reversible because hyaluronic acid, one of the most used drugs, is produced by the body itself: “It is biodegraded and, if something goes wrong, it can be reversed immediately with an antidote”.

Recommendations and prices

Butolinic toxin, collagen biostimulators and hyaluronic acid. Added to this is prestige, renown, professional analysis and, of course, the number of procedures to be performed. Well, we can already guess that the account is not necessarily cheap.

With a variety of price ranges in the market, Dr. Nayane – who doesn’t do individual procedures like just the mouth, for example – vary between R$ 15,000 and R$ 40,000.

But she warns that, before anything else, it is necessary to be certain: “Young people are still in training, they are not sure what they want in their faces. So it’s very risky to turn someone.” Therefore, ethically, the procedures are performed on people over 18 years of age.

“They have made procedures on the face so trivial that several serious complications are occurring. The important thing is to have a professional who knows how to solve a possible complication if it occurs”, advised Kataoka.

celebrities who joined

Many famous people and influencers have already shown their transformations and caused a stir on the web, with a wave of opinions, criticisms and praise. Remember some controversial cases of facial harmonization in the gallery.

Source: CNN Brasil

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