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Facts First: criminals use fake CNN-branded website to scam alleged New Year’s Eve dinner program

A CNN Brazil warns of a scam that has been promoted by criminals who copy the brand and layout of the CNN Brasil website to spread false news about discounts on barbecue kits for New Year’s Eve.

Scammers try to collect data and receive payments that would be for a supposed discount of up to 90% on Friboi product kits through a Federal Government program that does not exist.

When reading content from CNN Brasil, check the URL (virtual address) of the page. The CNN Brasil website address is https://www.cnnbrasil.com.br

URL domains “cnnbrasilnoticia” and “plantaocnn” are fake. To try to give credibility, scammers mix real links to CNN Brasil pages within the fake page.

Check the origin of the URL address when reading the news.

A CNN Brazil It does not ask for personal data or intermediate virtual payments.

Source: CNN Brasil

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