Fairy tales for children, free and offline 4.27

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Fairy tales for children – the biggest collection of fairy tales!!! Works without internet and for free! Tales with pictures and voice acting!!

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Once again I repeat the application is completely free, as I did for my children

It looks like a children’s phone with songs, pictures from fairy tales are shown on the screen, a child without parents can understand what kind of a fairy tale it is and turn it on.

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Children’s fairy tales for the night develop the child, cheer him up! Boys and girls will love it! Better to listen at night, helps the child fall asleep.

Before you is a book of fairy tales, which includes fairy tales of Russian writers: Pushkin, Chukovsky, Suteev and foreign writers: Charles Perot, Andersen, plus Russian folk tales.

List of audio fairy tales, all fairy tales in Russian: Gingerbread man, Turnip, Cinderella, Goldfish, 25 tin soldiers, Little Red Riding Hood, Gingerbread house, Wild swans, Princess and the pea, Moidodyr, Frost, Teremok, Zekatuha fly, Aibolit, Cockroach, Sack of apples , Little mouse and pencil, Green oak by the seaside, 3 little pigs, Seven-colored flower and others

+ Farm

+ Scarlet flower

+ Winter fairy tale

+ The Tale of the Stupid Mouse

+ Magic forest

and many others.

All fairy tales can work without the Internet, i.e. offline! And you can listen to them overnight, completely free!

There is also a timer, the game will turn off smoothly after a certain time, so that it is easier for the baby to fall asleep. The sound will gradually decrease, creating silence in the room.

There is also a screen lock function so that the child does not close the game with his hands. Pressing the lock icon for 2 seconds will lock the screen.

There is a tale by tale function, tales will be played in random order.

Another fairy tale repeat function to listen to the fairy tale in a circle.

And when you click on the icon with a fairy tale, pictures from fairy tales appear, they float across the screen, when you click on them they disappear.

If you like the game – Fairy tales for children audio free without the Internet, the best payment is your review. Thank you and happiness to your family!

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