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Fake bank call center: 22 people are arrested in SP and SC

The Criminal Investigations Department (Deic) of Santa Catarina arrested 22 people involved in a scam scheme that used a fake bank call center.

Two brothers and their respective wives, suspected of being the leaders of the gang, were arrested in Florianópolis (SC) in the operation on the morning of this Wednesday (10). Another 18 people were arrested in the state of São Paulo.

The investigation began after an elderly victim, aged 70, lost R$90,000 to the group.

Police chief Leonardo Silva explains how the gang carried out the fake bank scam: “they would contact the victims, pretend to be bank employees and report suspicious transactions. After gaining their trust, they would convince the victim to make a transaction as if they were recovering money lost in other transactions.”

Another method used by the suspects was the installation of remote management applications. With this, the gang controlled the victims’ cell phones remotely and transferred funds.

The investigation uncovered fake call centers in São Paulo and Florianópolis. With the support of the Special Task Force for the Repression of Organized Crime (GAECO), the main 0800 telephone numbers used to deceive victims were identified.

During the searches, 30 cell phones used by the scammers were seized.

The police are already aware of scams all over Brazil. In Santa Catarina alone, 225 police reports were filed for the same fraud. At least R$90 million reais have been moved in the last 5 years.

With the money from the scams, the criminals were able to live a high-class lifestyle and even acquired several luxury cars.

Source: CNN Brasil

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