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‘Fake Barbie’ who stabbed father to death now claims sex in prison

THE Abigail Whitea model of OnlyFans, was jailed for murdering the father of her three children. Now, from prison, he’s asking for it right to apply conjugal visitsso he can do sex behind bars.

White is now serving at least a prison sentence 18 years old in a prison in England, and is calling on the British prison system to change its rules on sex visitation rights so that he can satisfies her “needs”.

“It has come to my attention, after my recent sentence of 18 years, that prisons do not make it easy for female prisoners and their partners to spend the night,” the murderer said recently. “The prisons should to consider our needs and allow men and women to spend the night together,” he said. “I’d like to know what the other inmates think about it, as quite a few girls here agree».

White is currently allowed to receive visitors during the day, but all interactions are supervised by her staff prison. The Mirror reports that White wants the privilege implemented in order to have a little time private time with her “new man”whose identity has not been disclosed.

The timeline of the crime

White, who has described herself as “fake barbie‘, because of her blonde curls and large breasts, stabbed her 22-year-old boyfriend Bradley Lewis in the heart with a 17cm kitchen knife at their home in Kingswood, England, on March 25 last year when he tried to break up

The ‘fake Barbie’ who made more than $55,000 a year posting sexy photos on OnlyFans, she initially claimed her beau stabbed himselfbefore finally admitting to carrying out the violent act.

White said she just wanted to “scare” Lewis with the kitchen knife and never intended to hurt him. In accordance with New York Postthe pair had fought in a pub on the day of the murder, after Lewis reportedly tried to break up with White. He allegedly threw a drink in his face, before Lewis told a friend “I’m going to die when I get home”.

After she was convicted of murder by a jury last year, the judge presiding over the case ruled against White, saying: “Your three children will not only grow up without a father, but they will grow up knowing that their mother murdered their father».

Source: News Beast

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