Fake mail from DuckDuckGo clears messages from tracking and redirects them to a personal mailbox

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The authors of the DuckDuckGo search engine have developed a new service that allows you to safely use email – the newest platform independently cleans user’s emails from all kinds of trackers that are used by advertisers and corporate clients. For example, these trackers can provide an advertising agency sending emails with certain data that the user himself would like not to provide to third parties. We are talking about information about the time of opening the letter, geolocation, the type of device used and more.

According to the publication of the informational publication The Verge, already in 2017, 70% of all email campaigns were equipped with built-in trackers to obtain valuable information about the user. At the moment, there are no exact statistics, but, probably, the percentage of mailings using trackers has only increased. But the new mail service DuckDuckGo will allow you not to worry about these trackers – after gaining access, the user will acquire a free mailbox on the search engine platform, which will be used to receive mailings from advertisers and others.

After receiving the letter, the service will clear it of various trackers, and then forward it to the user’s main mailing address. In fact, DuckDuckGo provides the user with a fake email address that filters incoming information. Unfortunately, so far, the service for cleaning emails from tracking is not yet ready for a full-fledged release, so the developers launched it in beta test format. You can get an invite for testing in just a couple of hours of being in the electronic queue – for this you need to download the DuckDuckGo client on iOS or Android, and then request an invite from the developers.

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