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Fake tan, safe tan: tan effect, but without exposing yourself to the sun

As soon as the skin begins to brown a little, we immediately feel better. However, not everyone likes the so-called “lizard mode” that forces you to spend hours under the sun to develop the desired tan. Just as it is not always possible to indulge in blissful days by the sea.

The solution for summer vibes within reach? A do-it-yourself tan, moreover without the risk of sun damage, always been a friend and enemy of the skin. The cosmetics market, in this, is making giant strides, showing off products increasingly high-performance and practical, that make you forget the unnatural effect or the typical orange streaks of the first attempts at self tanning.

Where makeup doesn’t reach, self-tanning drops, sprays, serums, extra-luminous cream proposals are there to recreate that early summer tan effect on the face, as well as on the body. A trend, or perhaps better yet a long-standing habit, but which has recently become more acute, perhaps thanks to the mania for California girl cleared by the success of Barbie, where both protagonists of the film resorted to the fake tan for their look.

Without having to go as far as dressing up in the highly colored clothes of Barbie and Ken, it is still possible to give the complexion a more colourful look. radiant and amber with the help of some allies, such as the Summer Vibes animation products available in Sephora stores all summer long.

Here they are.

A must-have in your beauty case is a illuminating serum, which helps to even out the complexion, such as Watermelon Glow by Glow Recipewhich hydrates and reduces the appearance of blemishes. Also to be used as a final step of make-up, in strategic points, for an extra dose of light.

Glow Recipe
Watermelon Glow – Serum with Niacinamide

Sephora Collection
Self-tanning drops – face and body

Hydrasun Invisible Cream SPF30

The touch of golden color comes from the self-tanning dropsa formula generally rich in hydrating ingredients and with a very light and fluid texture, just like those of Sephora Collection, with hyaluronic acid. They are usually contained inside a bottle with handy dropper which allows you to precisely dose the quantity, which varies according to the intensity of the desired complexion. Just add a little to your daily moisturizing treatment, mix everything in your hands and spread on your face. For an even more effective result, you can perform a light exfoliation beforehand. And the beach effect is served.

If it is true that we are talking about fake tanthe protection factor should still be applied. Even if you do not stay under the sun for a prolonged number of hours, the skin must always be protectedevery day of the year and in every place. An essential step in your beauty routine, facilitated by the textures increasingly comfortable and pleasant of the latest generation protection factors. How Hydrasun Invisible Cream Of FaceDwith SPF 30, formulated with broad-spectrum sun filters to ensure high protection from UVA and UVB solar rays and from the formation of free radicals induced by infrared rays.

Fake, but safe!

Source: Vanity Fair

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