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Families of Hamas hostages demand immediate release negotiations

The recovery of the bodies of three hostages from northern Gaza on Thursday “provides important closure,” according to the group representing families of people captured by Hamas.

“The recovery of their bodies is a silent but resolute reminder that the State of Israel is obliged to immediately send negotiation teams with a clear demand to reach an agreement that will quickly return all hostages home: those alive for rehabilitation and those murdered for burial,” said the Forum for Hostages and Missing Families this Friday (24).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara Netanyahu, offered condolences, saying they “bowed their heads in deep sadness and embraced the bereaved families in their difficult times.”

“We have a national and moral duty to do everything we can to return our hostages – both those who are alive and those who have fallen,” the Israeli prime minister added. He praised the military for recovering the bodies of three hostages overnight “in the heart of enemy territory.”

Israeli President Isaac Herzog said Israel must “bring everyone back – those who are still alive and those we must bring for burial.”

Rising tensions: For months, there has been mounting pressure on Netanyahu to secure the release of Israelis still held by Hamas, which his government has made a key objective of the war in Gaza.

Numerous attempts to reach a ceasefire agreement that would release Hamas hostages have failed in recent months, infuriating those in Israel who campaign for the return of the captives.

Source: CNN Brasil

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