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Family says Brazilian missing in Europe is not in prison

Brazilian Márcio Rodrigues da Silva has been missing since November 8, when he went to Switzerland for a business trip. According to a statement issued by Márcio’s family, he is not detained in any police station in Europe. According to family members, searches were also carried out in hospitals and morgues, but nothing was found. The family also says that Swiss and international authorities continue to work to clarify his disappearance.

According to a post on a social network by Márcio’s wife, Ana Lucia Rodrigues, her husband went to the city of Zurich. Ana explains that Márcio would find a man who speaks Spanish to be her translator. However, after he spoke to this person, he allegedly sent her a message crying and saying that he had fallen into a “trap”. Then the cell phone lost signal and the wife lost contact.

She adds that the Brazilian took two suitcases because, after the trip to Switzerland, he was going to Spain for work. Therefore, he took clothes in one of the luggage and, in the other, there were products that Márcio sells. In the post, Ana says that the two suitcases were lost and there is no news of where they were taken.

Interpol in the case

Interpol (international police organization) in Brazil is gathering information from the Spanish police to find out the whereabouts of the Brazilian who disappeared 10 days ago in Switzerland. According to Interpol sources, they told CNN Márcio Rodrigues da Silva passed through Spain and, therefore, local authorities are also committed to gathering information about the case, such as route, possible accommodation and use of credit cards, in addition to geolocation, which requires more time and judicial authorization.

Interpol representatives are also talking to Swiss authorities and collecting information about Rodrigues’ trip, which was supposed to be on business, before he disappeared on the 8th.

Source: CNN Brasil

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