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Fan spends more than R$13,000 on Taylor Swift shows in Brazil: “I lost track”

A Taylor Swift fan generated a lot of comments on social media when he described how he spent more than R$13,000 to go to all of the singer’s shows in Brazil.

With tickets alone, Walter Moraes spent almost R$8,000.

Furthermore, he recorded in the video expenses such as clothes, shoes, a drying brush to do his hair and even the beads used in the famous friendship bracelets.

“What I did wasn’t normal, okay, guys? Just to let you know, I lost track a little, I lost track a little”, he declared before discovering the total of R$ 13,118.85 spent.

The video was the target of a lot of criticism, which led Walter to make a second part to justify the purchases: “As there were people who said they were going to kick me in line for the show, so I can’t even defend myself against a fly, I was scared . I’m scared to go to the show now”, he said.

The young man reiterated that he is a big fan of the singer, said that most of the purchases can be used at other times in his life and that he did not take away the opportunity for other fans when purchasing tickets for the six days of the show, also criticizing the action of scalpers.

Source: CNN Brasil

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