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Far-right National Alarm, a long-outcast party for many in France, is closer than ever to power

Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Alarm (RN) made historic gains and took first place in the first round of the French parliamentary elections, but the final outcome of the election will depend on the alliances that will be formed in the coming days, before the second round to be held next Sunday. The National Alarm and its allies received 33% of the vote, followed by the left-wing coalition with 28% and President Emmanuel Macron’s centrists with just 20%, according to official results announced today by the interior ministry. It is a major defeat for Macron, who called the snap election after his ballot in last month’s European elections was defeated by that of the National Alarm. But whether the anti-immigration, Eurosceptic RN can form a government will depend on next Sunday’s crucial runoff and whether other parties can block Le Pen by rallying behind rivals. […]
Source: News Beast

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