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Farmers’ mobilizations in Bulgaria: They close main roads and border crossings because of Ukrainian grain

In the context of a national protest mobilization caused by the lifting of the ban on imports of Ukrainian agricultural productsthe Bulgarians farmers today blocked more than 40 major roads and border crossings. The organizers of the mobilization called on citizens to avoid travel unless necessary. The interior ministry announced that “all staff are working to ensure public order” during the protests.

Some 26 sectoral organizations from all over the sector are participating in the mobilization, announced the Union of Bulgarian Farmers.

Protesters blocked the Danube Bridge border crossing with Romania, the road to and from Danube Bridge 2 was also blocked. The road from Kardam, on the border with Romania, was blocked only for heavy trucks.

The management of the Union of Bulgarian Farmers gathered in an open area in Biała Slatina, north-west Bulgaria, where all agricultural machinery was withdrawn from the area. “We apologize to citizens and warn them to postpone the trips they have planned for September 18 and 19, as the main arterial roads will be closed across the country,” said Union President Georgi Stoyanov. The mobilization will move to Sofia tomorrow, Tuesday.

The protests will continue until all demands are met, Stoyanov added.

This branch of industry has five requests to the government: to continue the ban on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine, to extend the ban to fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and honey, to pay farmers the full amount of compensation for damage due to the war in Ukraine by September 30, state aid for areas lost to natural disasters to be paid immediately. Protesters are also calling for additional state aid and a relaxation of the terms of the Strategic Plan’s interventions.

The initiative committee for protest actions to save Bulgarian agriculture insists that attention should not be focused solely on grain producers, as protest actions involve the whole industry, including livestock farmers, beekeepers and fruit and vegetable growers.

Source: News Beast

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