Fashion and outdoor: who takes possession of whose imagination?

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Fashion & outdoor: a story that is booming. Fashion, by its nature, must feed on other worlds. He draws heavily from art, music, culture in general and, lately, a lot from nature.

Contaminations are, so to speak, his daily bread and now it’s up to the outdoor sector to provide material for collections or collaborations. Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, the mountains and winter sports have experienced incredible fortune: thanks to the desire to be outdoors and thanks to travel restrictions, there are many people who have approached the mountains in the last two years.

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This hype around activities outdoor most disparate, dall’hiking to climbing, he did from boost to a combination that had already been promising for some seasons. The definitive foray of the mountain world into the fashion system is due to those who smelled and built the trends: Virgil Abloh, who passed away on 28 November, which introduced the fashion public to one of the most technical and highly rated brands in the outdoor world, the Canadian Arc’teryx. The brand in question was worn by Abloh at the Nike Forum in 2020, but it was also the protagonist of the spectacular catwalk releases of Gigi and Bella Hadid in the show with which Off-White presented theFall / Winter 2020-21 collection. Arc’teryx jackets were, in that case, cut like a crop top and paired with wide ones gown of tulle but, above all, it seems that it was not a real collaboration, but a sort of homage by the designer to a brand he evidently esteemed.

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Gigi Hadid during the Off-White FW 2020/2021 collection show

Taylor Hill

The fact is that since then the fashion & outdoor combination has become more and more cool and desired, both by consumers and producers and, if on the one hand it is the world of luxury that is riding a rising trend, on the other it is a game that is also suitable for some sports brands that have always winked at fashion.

It is the case of The North Face, which fashion collaborations has always made even in unsuspecting times, or brands like Canada Goose, which are super technical, but they also have a quoted lifestyle rather defined and developed.

Here are some of the hottest liaisons for this winter, testimony of the union of two worlds which, probably as often happens in fashion, will be transient, but some of these combinations will certainly remain fundamental steps in the history of costume. It was like this for many other contaminations that concern the world of sport, just think aesthetics, or materials, borrowed from basketball, skate or surf and if now it is no longer so common to find neoprene clothes or accessories (material used for wetsuits in water sports) in boutiques, some brands have collected and carried on the legacy.

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