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Fast-food employee shot for complaining about fries – Now seeking $1 million in damages

One fast food drive-thru order at Houston of the state of Texas in the USA, could cost the life of a man who received at least two shootings, while his wife and their daughter were in his car. Now, he’s asking compensation amounting to one million dollars.

Video of the incident was released by authorities and quickly spread through social media, sparking speculation that an argument over French fries turned into a gun battle.

More specifically, Anthony Ramos and his family made the order at a restaurant near the Houston International Airport in March 2021. In the car were his pregnant wife and their then 6-year-old daughter. Fifteen minutes later, the man was stepping on the accelerator to avoid being shot by the employee.

Argument and shooting

Restaurant worker Alonia Fadezia Ford appears upset with Ramos, the video shows. The two exchange heated words with Ramos complaining that the fries he ordered were missing. She throws ice and other things out the window at him and he throws the food. The employee then goes and gets a gun and appears and fires at least twice at Ramos’ vehicle.

The family filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the restaurant in 2022 and is seeking $1 million in damages. “The business should do a better job of controlling who they hire so they don’t put customers at mortal risk.”the attorney for the Ramos family, Randall Kalinen, pointed out.

Source: News Beast

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