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Father in France threatens to strangle high school teacher – Banned daughter for wearing abaya

A father who was arrested yesterday Friday (8/9) in central will appear before the court at the end of October France after threatened to kill a high school principal because the latter banned his abaya-wearing daughter from entering school.

By government decision the dress is now banned in the country’s schools, in the name of the secular character of the French state.

The man, who was arrested in Clermont-Ferrand, will go on trial in October for “threat aimed at intimidating a person exercising a public function”, city prosecutor Dominique Pismay said. According to the complaints, the student’s father “threatened to strangle the high school principal, but he denies saying that.”explained.

On Thursday morning (7/9), a student, dressed in an abaya, went to the lycée Ambroise-Brissiere in Clermont-Ferrand, but she was denied entry when she refused to remove the particular garment. A short time later, her father called the high school and spoke to two staff members in succession, to whom he allegedly made threats against the high school principal.

“These are shocking threats. Yesterday I spoke by phone with the high school principal, I assured him that he has the full support, mine, the government, the state and, more broadly, I believe, our fellow citizens, in the face of these unacceptable and uncharacteristic threats,” said Education Minister Gabriel Atal , during the inauguration of another high school, near Lyon.

The high school principal will receive police and judicial protection for his safety.

Death threats against teachers are being treated with the utmost seriousness in France after the killing in late 2020of history and geography teacher Samuel Petty by an 18-year-old Chechen jihadist who accused him of showing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in class.

On Monday (4/9), with the start of the school year (12 million students), about 300 schoolgirls showed up at their schools wearing abayas.

Most of the girls then agreed to dress differently and were able to start classes. However, 67 girls refused to comply and were sent home according to the Ministry of Education.

There will now be a further period of dialogue with their families. If this fails, they will be banned.

At the same time, as it became known, the Ministry of Education is considering the use of a uniform or specific dress code in schools.

“There are 513 building sites that we have identified as potentially problematic with this issue at the start of the school year”the French Minister of Education, Gabriel Attal, told the RTL radio station.

There isn’t and a legal challenge by a group representing Muslims, which went to court.

France strictly prohibits religious inscriptions in government schools and government buildingsarguing that they violate secular laws.

Source: News Beast

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