Father leads his daughter to the altar and stops to invite the stepfather to accompany them

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TikTok is a site packed with clips with trends, challenges, recipes, jokes and moments that melt our hearts due to their tenderness. Such as the one that the father of a bride starred in when he stopped on the way to the altar to invite his daughter’s stepfather to accompany them.

The bride was in charge of sharing the event on her personal account, obtaining thousands of reactions and positive comments that praise her father’s reaction, as not everyone would have done it.

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The events occurred in Birmingham, Alabama, United States, when Jerry Ellenburg, Kelsey Griffith’s father, accompanied her to the altar. But suddenly, Jerry stopped and invited his daughter’s stepfather to join them, as he too had earned the right to be part of this unforgettable moment.

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Jerry and the mother of the bride have been separated for 20 years. After six years, the mother married Andy Wallace, now 60, who cared for, protected and raised Kelsey as if she were his blood daughter.

They were married when I was thirteen years old, in this way I grew up with my stepfather. I was fortunate to have a tremendous relationship with my father and stepfather throughout my life. The two dads get along really well, my friends were always and at all times surprised by how well they got along. They play golf together and my dad is always there at all times, except at parties and anniversaries.

Andy was unaware that he would be invited to accompany Kelsey down the aisle, so he was moved by her and Jerry’s gesture. On the other hand, the day before the wedding, Jerry spoke with his daughter and told her that Andy should also have the honor of accompanying her to the altar, because for years he earned the place of father. She accepted and the result was an unforgettable moment, which made all the guests cry.

I was flustered and touched by the fact that I wanted to make sure everything went well, but couldn’t wait to see Andy’s reaction. We later learned how surprised my stepfather was and how grateful he was to my father for including him.

This story proves that, in some cases, the father is both the one who begets and the one who raises with love and respect. Hopefully there are more cases like these, because at the end of the day, we are the sum of all the people who are part of our life and they also deserve a special moment and recognition from us.

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