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Father of a Croatian hooligan prisoner: “The Greeks “planted” the knife in him”

Father of a Croatian hooligan prisoner: “The Greeks “planted” the knife in him”

The Croatian father arrested for the incidents accuses the Greek authorities of “planting” the knife found on his son New Philadelphia, which resulted in murder of 29-year-old Michalis Katsouris.

“Both my son and the other arrested say that during the arrest the Greeks threw a knife next to him. He never touched it. They found it next to him, not on top of him” says the father of a Croatian prisoner in his hometown newspaper, Nacionalwhich earlier spoke about two organizers of the bloody attack who have escaped, even citing the Greek authorities.

The Croat to whom the knife is attributed is 23 years old. “In his first contact with us, he told us that they were trying to load him with a knife. But this will not happen because DNA samples have been taken from them. He didn’t touch the knife and he has nothing to do with it,” says his father.

“He didn’t grab the knife, so he didn’t stab anyone.

Information about elusive Croatian hooligans hiding in Greece

According to information cited by MEGA, Croats reportedly remain unarrested in Greece. So far, 102 Croats have been arrested, while the Croatian authorities were talking about 120 people who have started coming to Greece.

In fact, it seems that there are still cars left by the Croats at the “Irini” station, which have been rented to persons who are not among those arrested. This means that there are probably Croatian hooligans who remain in Greece in hiding.

Investigations continue for both Croatian and Greek accomplices, while DNA results are expected from Wednesday onwards.

Source: News Beast