Father’s Day gifts have up to 80% of the value in taxes, says survey

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The most sought after gifts for Father’s Day carry a high tax burden. In the case of perfumes, wines and watches, for example, taxes exceed 50% of the final value.

Anyone who buys an imported perfume for R$ 170 will pay around R$ 134.30, that is, 79% just in taxes. In the case of imported wine, taxes reach 69.73%, national perfume 69.13%, vodka and whiskey, both with 67.03%.

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“In imported products, in addition to the normal taxation (IPI, ICMS, PIS/COFINS) the import tax is added. And the rise in the dollar has also pressured the price of these products”, explains tax lawyer Samir Nemer, who carried out the survey for the date of 2022.

Electronic equipment, which is also usually bought a lot for the day, also showed taxes between 30 and 60%: imported iPad (59.32%), TV (44.94%), cell phone (39.8%), iPad national (37.79%) and microcomputer (33.62%).

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Children who want to escape the present and bet on a family moment on August 14th will also feel the tributes, but to a lesser extent. The gifts with the lowest taxes are those related to food, entertainment and culture, such as meals at a restaurant (32.31%), tickets to a football game and a movie (20.85%). The tax lawyer explains that the rates are lower because there is no incidence of the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI).

The consumer cannot escape this tax burden, but Samir advises that it is still necessary to always ask for the invoice with the tax breakdown. In addition, with the note it is possible to protect the consumer’s rights and, if necessary, require the supplier to comply with the delivery, exchange and product warranty deadlines.

“Knowing how much you pay in tax can strengthen taxpayers’ demand for better and more efficient services,” said Samir.

Check the list with the tax burden :

  • Imported perfume: 78.99%
  • National perfume: 69.13%
  • Imported wine: 69.73%
  • Vodka and Whiskey: 67.03%
  • Imported iPad/Tablet: 59.32%
  • Imported sneakers: 58.59%
  • Clock: 56.14%
  • National wine: 54.73%
  • Electric shaver: 48.11%
  • Television: 44.94%
  • National tennis: 44%
  • Cell phone: 39.80%
  • Shoe: 36.17%,
  • Football team jersey: 34.67%
  • Suit: 34.67%
  • Lunch at a restaurant: 32.31%
  • Books: 15.52%
  • Travel package: 29.56%
  • Movie Ticket: 20.85%
  • Football match ticket: 20.85%

Source: CNN Brasil

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