Fauci: Many more coronavirus deaths than have been reported


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THE COVID-19, which has officially cost the lives of over 581,500 people since the beginning of 2020 in the US, has without “any doubt” kill even more in the country mourning the heaviest report of the new coronavirus pandemic on the planet, acknowledged yesterday Sunday the White House adviser to deal with it, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Asked about a study published last week by the University of Washington and talking about over 900,000 deaths due to pandemic in USA, Dr. Fauci avoided validating this calculation.

However the health authorities “They said from the beginning that a devaluation” of COVID-19 mortality is “very likely,” he told NBC.

“This model refers to a very large death toll”, more than 900,000 dead, which means that the devaluation is at a higher level than I would estimate (…). “Sometimes the models are expensive, sometimes a little less,” he added.

“But I do not think there is any doubt that we have underestimated and still underestimate “the mortality of the disease caused by the new coronavirus, He added, citing the AMPE, citing the “historical” dimensions of the pandemic to justify the difficulty of making an accurate count.

The United States, with more than 581,500 officially killed by COVID-19 out of a total of more than 32 million SARS-CoV-2 cases, is by far the most severely affected by the pandemic in the world.

After January, however, deaths and cases continued to decline as the vaccination campaign progressed. After a slight rise in numbers due to the epidemiological situation, which was associated with the spring break, the decline continues from mid-April.

“We are at a turning point”, The White House’s pandemic coordinator, Jeffrey Zayenz, said in an interview with CNN.

He cited data on the vaccination campaign, as 58% of adults in the country have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while more than 110 million people – one third of the total population – have received the second and are therefore considered immunized. fully.

The American president Joe Biden aims to have 70% of adults receive a dose of the vaccine by the US national holiday on July 4, but the immunization campaign is slowing down as it now targets sections of the population who are either skeptical or indifferent to the vaccine.

“We have a duty to make vaccines even easier to access” but also “to increase public confidence in them”, Mr Zayents explained.

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