Faye Dunaway turns 80: a legend for her cinematic hair looks


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The American actress Faye Dunaway, an icon of the 70s, turns eighty. Throughout her career of over fifty years she has always chosen a hair style that perfectly suited the role she played, positioning herself among the most watched and imitated stars ever for her hair looks.

The actress has always wanted to immerse herself intensely in her characters, from head to toe, and for this reason every detail of the look counted. The deeply mysterious blonde sex bomb is unforgettable in Arthur Penn’s film Bonnie and Clyde, from 1967, with his blunt bob biondo, super trendy still today, perfect for Bonnie’s tomboy and tomboy ways.

Faye Dunaway knew very well that hair shouldn’t get in the way if you were committed to robbing a bank!

In The Thomas Crown case Dunaway had a beehive full of secrets, protagonist of a hot scene with a fiery kiss with Steve McQueen after a chess challenge. It was 1968. The scene was replicated by Madonna in the video clip for “The Power of Good-Bye” (1998) and remains in the collective imagination a source of inspiration for many pop stars.

Very elegant with neo-noir allure in the film Chinatown, set in 1937 Los Angeles, Faye was Evelyn Cross Mulwray, who encircles JJ Gittes (Jack Nicholson) thanks also to make-up and hair created ad hoc to amplify her intriguing allure. Its soft, flat and shiny waves have made school and continue to be an important style reference in the film world.

In his Oscar-winning role for Network, 1976, Dunaway was Diana Christensen with soft curls and doll features of those who conquer at a glance. But his true nature was hard and difficult to conquer.

Finally, the portrayal of Joan Crowford in the film Mammina Cara in 1981 the exhibition in the role of a brunette who loved to wear a turban, a detail that for the spring summer of 2021 will be all the rage again. For all that hair inspirations Faye Dunaway has given us over the years, and which will continue to give us forever, we have dedicated this gallery to browse through. Happy birthday to the legend of the big screen from the leonine beauty.

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