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Fazzini’s Italian Venuses: the meeting point between art and innovation

Stories of passion, art and tradition are intertwined in the textures of finely embroidered linen. This is where Italian Venusesthe latest masterpiece of Andrea Crespitakes shape, weaving together the elegance of Fazzini household linen and the essence of Italian art. In this unique union, where each thread tells a story, the historic Lombard company Fazzini renews its dedication to excellence through collections of designer textile multiplesa project that transcends time to connect the artistic heritage of the 70s with Crespi’s contemporary vision.

Italian Venuses And a unique worklimited to only 99 pieces, which fits perfectly into Fazzini’s innovative vision. The artist Andrea Crespi, with his triptychcreates a bridge between past and present, reinterpreting the famous Italian Venus of Canova through a modern and refined language. Crespi, with this work, celebrates not only classical beauty, but also the essence of Italianness, representing the colors of the national flag in a composition that is at the same time a visual hymn to love, hope and faith.

The triptych Italian Venuses by Andrea Crespi for Fazzini.

Leonardo Sassi

The triptych consists of three elements measuring 45×45 cmeach available in solos 33 pieces, embroidered on linen and garment dyed in the colors of the Italian tricolor: green, white and red. Through a game of optical illusions and the repetition of graphic lines, Crespi brings out the Canova figure, underlining the strength of the line and its ability to capture the iconicity of the subject.

Fazzini, led today by Paolo and Marco Fazzini with Maria Alberta Zibetticarries on the legacy of Zibetti embroidery factory. Their vision focuses not only on high quality production, but also on the exploration of new forms of expression, as demonstrated by the collaboration with Crespi. This commitment to Italian art and excellence is a tribute to the history and values ​​of the territory. An operation that reflects the company’s ambition to continue to be a point of reference in the home linen sector.

Detail of the embroidery on linen of the green element of the Italic Venuses by Andrea Crespi for Fazzini.

The project Italian Venuses by Crespi, in addition to being an example of artistic beauty, it also represents theessence of innovation and experimentation that characterize Fazzini. This union between art and productivity underlines the importance of creative contaminationswhere the textile thread becomes a metaphor for a link between tradition and modernity, between productive excellence and artistic expressiveness.

The Italian Venuses they are testimony to the deep bond between Fazzini and the Italian territory, in particular that of the upper Milanese area and the province of Varese, shared with Andrea Crespi. The artist, a native of Gallarate, combines art, history and production quality in a work that captures the essence of Italianness and the passion for excellence. A work that tells only one aspect of the artist. If we look again at the province, Crespi has carried on with Archives an experimental project for the MA*GA contemporary art museum in Gallarate, in which digital culture and historical-artistic research converge.

Source: Vanity Fair

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