Fed: Making the economy inclusive benefits overall activity — John Williams

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Reuters reported that the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, John Williams, declared Tuesday that the economy works best when everyone has a chance to participate.

“An inclusive economy not only helps those who need more or different opportunities, but it boosts the economy as a whole,” Williams said in a keynote address at a conference at his bank.

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In his brief speech, Williams did not comment on the outlook for monetary policy.

US dollar update

On Tuesday, the US dollar pulled back in choppy trading. It’s all about the Bank of Japan this week as investors await the potential central bank policy change that could end its so-called “yield curve control” in what would be a precursor to the adoption of a tighter monetary policy.

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As of this writing, the DXY Index is trading at 102.38, down 0.17%, but far from the day’s low of 101.937.

Source: Fx Street

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