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Fed: We will analyze the data and make a decision on rates at every meeting − Michael Barr

“We will be attentive to the data that arrives and the financial conditions to make a decision on the rates in each meeting,” the minister said on Wednesday. Federal Reserve Vice President of Supervision, Michael Barras reported Reuters.

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“It’s fair to wonder if the SVB supervisors could have been more aggressive.”

“We have substantial authority to supervise companies appropriately.”

“A tiered approach makes sense.”

“But we need tougher capital and liquidity rules for banks $100 billion and up.”

“Monetary policy decisions were well telegraphed and essential to fulfilling the mandates.”

“The management of the banks did not know how to directly manage the risk of interest rates.”

Market reaction

The Dollar Index is holding on to modest daily recovery gains at 102.70 following these comments.

Source: Fx Street

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