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Federal Police conducts operation against child sexual abuse and arrests more than 60

The Federal Police (PF) arrested more than 60 people when it launched, this Thursday (26), a national operation with the objective of repressing sexual crimes against children and adolescents.

According to the PF, 57 arrest warrants have already been served and seven other people were arrested in flagrante delicto. The expectation is that the number will grow throughout this Thursday.

In addition, the police served 40 search and seizure warrants.

Part of the arrests were carried out earlier this year, focusing on criminals who were included in the National Prison Monitoring Bank (BNMP), but were free.

“Simultaneously, on today’s date, there was also the outbreak of operations centered on sexual crimes against children through the internet, which have been conducted by Police Stations and Superintendencies of all Units of the Federation”, informed the PF in a note.

The focus of the operation called “Protection Network” is to remove investigated, criminally prosecuted and convicted persons from social life.

“The Federal Police, in addition to carrying out a significant number of police operations against this criminal modality, also coordinates the Victim Identification Task Force, composed of federal and civil police officers specialized in identifying victims from images and videos, with the aim of rescuing them, as well as identifying and arresting their aggressors”, concludes the PF note.

Source: CNN Brasil

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