Federal Police launches operation to investigate millionaire embezzlement of Health, in Pernambuco

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This Tuesday (24), the Federal Police (PF) carried out 17 search and seizure warrants during operation “Clan”, which aims to combat crimes involving the diversion of health resources by Social Health Organizations in Pernambuco.

Police officers sought documents, reports, invoices and other evidence that may help prove the crimes under investigation.

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The PF targets are part of a family group responsible for managing companies linked to the investigated social organization. The value of just one contract under investigation exceeds R$ 89 million.

Two people involved were removed from their duties. The operation also had the support of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF).

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The investigation originated from information received by the PF about possible irregularities in the execution of management contracts made between the Health Department of Pernambuco (SES-PE) and the investigated social organization.

The alleged crimes would be linked to the targeted contracting of providers, fictitious execution of services, overbilling of amounts paid and concealment of misappropriated amounts. These occurrences involved the engagement of both the foundation’s managers and entrepreneurs from outsourced companies, who have links with the group.

The social organization is responsible for signing contracts with the government of Pernambuco to administer hospitals and Upas. The irregularities identified do not refer to the provision of health services in the hospitals managed by the group, but to outsourced activity services, such as hospital cleaning, food supply, among others.

Despite not being a public institution, OS has to comply with several laws and regulations when it starts making agreements with the state, as it receives public funds.

The crimes being investigated by the PF are embezzlement and criminal organization, tax evasion and money laundering, whose sentences exceed 30 years of imprisonment. The steps took place in Recife, Olinda and Paulista, in Pernambuco and in Aracaju, capital of Sergipe. 80 federal police officers and 7 CGU auditors participated in the operation.

Response from the government of Pernambuco

In a note, the government of Pernambuco informed that it is supporting and will assist, with all possible means, the federal control bodies responsible for the Clan Operation, involving suspected irregularities in the hiring of Social Organization (OS) for the management of hospitals by the Secretariat of State Health, in the previous administration.

Also according to the note, “the information resulting from the operation shows the real reasons for the health of Pernambuco to find itself in the unacceptable situation it is in, this being an opportune and necessary moment to carry out the necessary investigations in the way that the public interest requires”.

The state administration said it works to ensure that health care for the population is not impaired. Finally, it informs that by determination of Governor Raquel Lyra, the State Comptroller General’s Office is now available and in contact with external bodies to assist in investigations.

Source: CNN Brasil

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