Federal Police search the homes of federal judges suspected of corruption

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On the morning of this Friday (20), the Federal Police of Ceará launched the Skiagraphia operation to dismantle a corruption scheme, which would have the participation of federal judges, lawyers, businessmen and public servants in the Ceará capital of Fortaleza.

Police officers search and apprehend the homes of those involved in Ceará, São Paulo, Pernambuco, Mato Grosso do Sul and the Federal District, to fulfill 19 warrants issued by the Federal Regional Court of the 5th Region.

The searches are to seize documents and media that will be used for instruction in the investigation, and with that to individualize the performance of the suspects in the crimes.

According to the investigations, which began in 2019 after news from the National Treasury Attorney’s Office, evidence was found of the participation of federal judges and lawyers with businessmen who were debtors of the Federal Tax Authorities in actions in the Federal Court in the years 2012 to 2016, which would have caused damages. billionaire to the Union.

Also according to the PF, there are suspicions of illegalities in the conduct of tax enforcement proceedings against large debtors of the Union, and suspicious links between magistrates and lawyers; suspicious financial flow, falsification of documents simulating subpoenas from the Union, which caused damage to the National Treasury and would have benefited businessmen.

Those involved can answer for the crimes of active and passive corruption, money laundering and criminal organization with sentences of up to 42 years in prison.

The name Skiagraphia refers to the painting technique “shadow painting”, which seeks to give the illusion of depth through the contrast between shadow and light. It would be how those involved pretended to be in the light of the public path, but actually found themselves in the shadows of the law.

Source: CNN Brasil

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