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Federal Police seize half a ton of cocaine on the border with Bolivia

The Federal Police (PF), in joint action with the Military Police of Mato Grosso, seized 458 kg of cocaine base paste in the municipality of Campos de Júlio (MT), on the border with Bolivia. The incident took place on Thursday night (7), as part of Operation Argos.

The seizure, with the work of the intelligence sector, began after a robbery occurred in the border region. Military Police teams were called to monitor the suspects’ car.

When carrying out the approach, the PF reported that the police were shot at by four men, who then fled into the woods. The vehicle was abandoned.

One of the men was found and arrested by police. He is a 34-year-old man, a clothing salesman, who has previously been arrested for drug trafficking, according to the PF.

Bales of drugs were found in the body of the car and the agents also found a hiding place with the rest of the drugs inside the woods.

Operation Argos is an integrated and permanent action between the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Ministry of Defense, with the involvement of the Federal Police, the Brazilian Army and the Special Border Group (Gefron).

Source: CNN Brasil

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