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Federal Public Ministry investigates PRF action that ended with child shot

The Federal Public Ministry opened an investigation to investigate the PRF’s approach that left a child shot in Rio de Janeiro, last Thursday (7).

The Criminal Investigative Procedure (PIC) will be led by Public Prosecutor Eduardo Benones and seeks to identify the police officers who participated in the incident, in addition to their respective responsibilities in the action.

“If it is proven that there was not a strong enough reason for the police officers to react, we can consider that they took the risk of causing the result they did,” said Benones.

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The MPF’s External Control Center for Police Activity is also expected to take other measures at the beginning of the week.

“We will make the necessary contacts with the Federal Public Defender’s Office so that we can, in addition to investigating the facts, provide assistance to the victim and her family, who are also victims of what happened,” he said.

The prosecutor also stated that the MPF will analyze the Union’s responsibility for what happened and may file a compensation action.

Last Thursday (09), Heloísa dos Santos Silva, 3 years old, was shot inside the family car in Arco Metropolitano, near Seropédica, in Baixada Fluminense.

In testimony, one of the police officers who participated in the action said that the car was stolen and that he fired after hearing a noise similar to a gunshot.

The child was rescued in the PRF vehicle to the Adão Pereira Nunes Hospital, in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense. She was hit by three shots, one of them in the head.

According to this Saturday’s medical bulletin (9), the girl is intubated and her health condition is considered serious.

In a statement, the PRF reported that it opened an internal investigation to investigate the conduct of the police officers and said that preventive and disciplinary measures will be reinforced.

The agency also reported that a 2010 Interministerial Ordinance prohibits “the use of a firearm against a vehicle that fails to respect a police block on a public road, unless the act represents an immediate risk of death or serious injury.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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