Federal University of Goiás develops test to detect smallpox in monkeys

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Researchers from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) developed a test to detect monkey pox with 100% national inputs. Thus, the average cost of production per unit is R$ 3.

According to the institution, the test is fast, done in approximately 40 minutes, with simple laboratory equipment. It was developed in three weeks by the Biomicrofluidics Laboratory of the Institute of Chemistry (IQ) at UFG, under the coordination of Professor Gabriela Duarte.

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If the virus is detected, the indicator turns yellow. According to the professor, the best sample for the test is the removal of liquid from the pustule, which are the eruptions caused by the disease on the skin.

The test also identifies the virus at the onset of symptoms, which speeds up the diagnosis. Now, the test moves on to the validation stage with a large number of samples and comparison with the gold standard test, known as PCR.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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