Federica Cappelletti, wife of Paolo Rossi: “I’m still angry with God”

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Almost a year has passed since the death of Paolo Rossi, who passed away on December 9, 2020, but the memory of the champion could no longer be present. To tell it in a book, Forever the two of us, out November 30, the wife Federica Cappelletti, that a very true he retraced the days of Pablito’s illness.

«It all started in March 2020, after we returned from a trip to the Maldives. I noticed that Paolo had lost a lot of weight. We went to make some checks that unfortunately gave us the verdict that we never wanted to hear. But we never lost hope, up to a month after death we fought to try to win our world championship “, Cappelletti told Silvia Toffanin (the episode will be broadcast on Saturday 27 November, ed).

An illness that arrived at the end of the second lockdown and which cemented the couple’s bond even more. “We have discovered a new intimacy. During the lockdown it was always just the two of us and him and he totally trusted me. It was tiring, but it was nice to be able to live our love even during that time. He understood everything, but at a certain point I started to tell him half-truths, because I wanted to see him calm and positive. Paolo didn’t talk much but every now and then he hugged me and cried “, confessed Cappelletti, who had two daughters from the Spanish champion 82, Maria Vittoria, 11, and Sofia Elena, 9.

«The moment the doctor confirmed that there was nothing more to be done, I wanted to take them to say hello. When Paolo saw them he lit up and all three understood that this was the last time they saw each otherThe woman revealed. “The girls are warriors, they are good and I am very proud of them.”

A great pain, which a year later is still alive. «He is always inside of me. I am still angry with God, but the Pope told me that this is right because suffering is also a form of prayer. I am comforted by the fact that Paolo was happy and loved to the last. He has never felt alone ».


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