Federica Pellegrini said yes: she is getting married with Matteo Giunta

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Federica Pellegrini announces the wedding with his partner Matteo Giunta. La Divina has chosen to announce the wedding with a photo posted on Instagram, late Saturday evening, which tells the moment of the proposal. The Pesaro-based coach Matteo Giunta, her future husband, is on his knees in front of her with a green box, which seems to be Tiffany, in his hands. In front of him, Federica Pellegrini approaches and kisses him on the lips.

«You and me and the whole world outside #YES»Wrote the future bride, quoting Albachiara di Vasco Rossi. A Saturday night that the couple will not forget. Shortly afterwards Matteo Giunta also told the moment of yes on social networks. To tell about his happiness, with a photo, in which Federica Pellegrini, beaming and embracing him, shows the ring she has just received, Giunta has chosen Jovanotti’s words. And he wrote: «I am a lucky boy…. (He said yes)».

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“We are now discovering this new way of living”, the Divina had told last August in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “In recent years we have never hugged each other in public, we never exchanged an affectionate gesture, we got used to it, we kept the roles separate, Matteo he is federal coach and coach of my team. Although it was a bit of the secret of Pulcinella we wanted to rest assured. Now we are getting used to it, the other night we took each other by the hand to go shopping and we said “what a strange stuff” ».

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