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Federico Fashion Style comes out: «If a person is born in one way he cannot die in another»

Last time he was a guest of Very true, Federico Fashion Style, stage name of Federico Lauri, had said he felt “lonely and empty”, explaining that his daughter was his only strength. A few weeks had passed since the end of his relationship with Letizia Porcu but now, after a long time, Federico Fashion Style finally says he is serene because he is at peace with himself. “Time has healed the wounds. Life goes on and I’ve started to smile”, told to very true confiding to Silvia Toffanin that he is homosexual. Something that, explains Lauri, he had revealed to his partner three years earlier: «After 14 years together I felt the need to tell the most important person in my life but that I couldn’t give her what she wanted. If a person is born one way they can’t die another, so I told her I believe I love people of the same sex as me.”

Federico added that, after coming out, Letizia remained by his side for three long years: a period during which both he and she indulged in different experiences while remaining close for the well-being of their daughter, who is about to turn 6. «I tried some experiences and I understood that it was something that made me feel good. One in life is born into it, it doesn’t become into it. In all this time I’ve tried to understand better: I was born and raised in a “normal” family and I’ve always lived with the idea of ​​mom and dad: my tendency made me strange which, precisely for this reason, at the beginning I tried to hide». However, things changed precisely 3 years after dating: “There I understood that I could not hurt a person I truly loved, to whom I was bound by an indelible love”.

Shortly after, Federico Fahion Style made it clear that he had never lied about his sexuality: «I’ve always wanted to preserve my daughter: I wanted to be the one to tell her in a certain way. Since the rumors started circulating, it was important that she get the truth from me. I can also suffer, wait. But for me it has always been important that she was well. «Now I feel serene to say it», said Federico Fashion Style explaining that he is single. “Right now I feel a bit like a teenager: I would like to do everything I didn’t do,” she also said if, in the meantime, Letizia made it known that she was tied to another man. «I’m happy for her, even if the little girl lets me see her a little less. I would like to tell her that she will remain the most important person for me: I have always hoped that there was a united relationship between us, and not the hatred I have seen recently ».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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