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Federico Moccia, his latest work on Youtube

You already saw BRO? This is the latest effort of Federico Moccia, author of iconic films aimed at young people such as Three meters above the sky And Sorry but I call you loveup to the recent family comedy Mom, I’m in charge here. And then, this time it wasn’t just him who struggled, because all the very young actors were their own directors as they shot several scenes with their own Motorola smartphones; in particular theedge 40 pro and the razr 40 ultra. But let’s take it one step at a time. The recent short film BROdirected by the multifaceted director Federico Moccia, marks a new chapter in the art of cinema, because it blends smartphone technology, in this case Motorola, with a narrative deeply rooted in adolescent experiences.

The film, now, is available on Motorola’s YouTube channel: a multi-handed example of how modern technology can amplify the expressive possibilities of cinema. In talking about the genesis of BRO, Moccia underlines the importance of smartphones in daily life: «Today more than ever, mobile phones have become a real part of the person, real human memories,» reflects the director. This observation inspired Moccia to explore how cell phones can be used as powerful storytelling tools.

The complete short film BRO.

Moccia describes his relationship with Motorola, underlining the importance of the mobile company in the implementation of BRO: «Motorola has become a partner of this operation that sees its own the mobile phone as one of the absolute protagonists.» The choice to use Motorola smartphones, such as the Edge 40 Pro and the Razr 40 Ultra, for the filming of the short film was decisive, allowing the reality of adolescence to be captured in a unique way.

The actors, including familiar faces such as Jenny De Nucci and Eleonora Gaggerothey lived a unique experience, using smartphones not only as shooting tools, but as an integral part of theirs performance. Moccia speaks about it with enthusiasm: «It almost freed them, I found them much more natural,» he observes, highlighting how technology has positively influenced their interpretations.

Jenny De Nucci.

The director also reflects on his personal journey and on the evolution of technology in cinema: «I have the memory of a Polish film in which the cell phone was the medium of the story, but initially I never thought about it seriously, because I didn’t even believe they had these capabilities.» A real technological progression that has opened new creative doors for Moccia.

The production of BROcreated in collaboration with Motorola and produced by Orange Pictures And Adler Entertainment, faced several challenges, as Moccia explains: «We had to use separate audio to have the same perfect reception as when the actors wear hidden collars. But overall, the process was much more streamlined compared to a traditional crew.»

Federico Moccia, the director of BRO.

Even more important is the objective behind BROa short film created for entice the spectators. The film, in fact, represents a potential preview of one television series, depending on the response and reception of the public. This perspective poses BRO as a pioneering project of its kind. Giorgia BulgarellaHead of Marketing at Motorola Italia, comments on the collaboration: «Our devices have proven to be the ideal tool for the director’s idea, confirming the ever-increasing centrality of smartphones.»

The making of BRO represents a significant moment, not only for Federico Moccia and Motorola, but also for the film industry as a whole. It clearly shows an excellent example of how new technologies can be harnessed to tell stories in innovative ways, paving the way for new forms of artistic expression. The availability of BRO on Motorola’s YouTube channel is not only a convenience for viewers, but also a testament to the accessibility and cultural impact that modern technology has on cinema.

Eleonora Gaggero.

And for the most avid cinephiles, here is also the synopsis of the film. A group of young people between 16 and 17 years old experience the continuous evolution of loves, disappointments, enthusiasms, betrayals, leaving traces of their daily lives in chats, social media and videos. A community narrow-minded who tries to find meaning in that magma of emotions and fast events typical of adolescence. In an apparently serene and hyper-technological world, where everyone is united by a network of relationships 24 hours a day, there is no shortage of dreams and strong feelings that are hoped to be eternal, but at the same time unhappiness, loneliness, violence and the comparison with real life.

We have still understood why this short is titled BRO? Bro it means brotheris a secret code among those guys who promise each other solidarity, a blood pact, a real brotherhood.

Source: Vanity Fair

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