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Fedez and Giulia Ottorini, no flirting: she is the one who denies the relationship

When was the photo of Fedez in Californiawho – at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – was walking down the street with the creator Giulia Ottorini and other friends, outside a shopping center, everyone wondered if she was the rapper's new flame.

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The end of the marriage with Chiara Ferragni, on the other hand, was confirmed by the singer in the interview with Beasts: «If I still call her my wife, it's because legally she is». And the images of the alleged new couple seemed to answer the questions that fans were asking themselves in recent days, about Fedez's relationship situation.

In the last few hours, then, Giulia Ottorini published a video on TikTok with a sentence that might have sounded cryptic: «When you have a secret relationship, but he said goodbye to you in public. How anxious». Was it a sort of confirmation of the link with Fedez? The creator herself – who is also the ex-girlfriend of the rapper MamboLosco – resolved the doubts when a user explicitly asked her: “But who do you have a secret relationship with?”. And she: «Nobody famous». Three words to put an end to the gossip about his history with the singer and deny any type of flirtation with him.

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Fedez and Giulia are not alone at Coachella: they went with their friends (they have several in common), followed the artists' performances and participated in parties and pool parties. Without publishing, on their social networks, photos or videos in which they appear together.

Source: Vanity Fair

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