Fedez and J-Ax: peace is made. And together they launch a project

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And at the end peace it was. Friends and business associates, then the breakup. Today Fedez And J-Ax they reconciled. It’s official: a Instagram post with the two embraced and a text that tells the happy ending of a friendship that seemed lost forever. “And here we are, with a little more white hair, two fathers, two husbands and maybe a little older than before. We have learned that it’s easy to leave people behind and what to do instead put pride aside and we need to go back to hugging each other even when we have been hurt courage»Write the two rappers. Pride put aside, to recover an important relationship. Because having enemies is not the right thing: “In this historical moment where being divided is normal and having enemies is almost a status symbol, filing away the differences and focusing on the beautiful moments lived together is perhaps the right thing to live an existence serene “.

In reconciliation, a great role was played by Fedez’s recent health problem, operated on for pancreatic cancer a month ago: “Life is a strange coincidence, we met again the day Frederick discovered he had pancreatic cancer after hearing back on the phone a few days earlier after 4 years of silence“. Years of silence caused – it seems – by problems and resentments related to the society they had together, the Newtopiawhich today is owned only by Fedez.

But today the past is archived and in addition to the reconciliation, for the two friends there is also a project together for Milan, of which, however, not much is revealed: «We have to tell you something, and no, it won’t be a song together. We decided to make a gift to our city and at the same time try to do good. Tomorrow we will tell you everything ».

Finally, the closing, with a quote from a song written together: «As we said in an old song of ours: ‘It’s just fucking music I know it won’t cure cancer, but I know it saved me’». That a rapprochement was underway between the two was almost certain, since messages of peace had been launched in recent days through the Instagram story. And now the happy ending. Not at all obvious, but that makes fans happy after years of coldness.


Source: Vanity Fair

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