Fedez and the lesson to his son: “Pink is not a color for girls”

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The pink? It is not a color for females. More: «There are no colors from male and colors from female and it is not true that pink is a female color ». Fedez he explains it to his son Lion 4 years old in a video that he shared on his profile and that spread on TikTok thanks to user shares. In the video, Leone notices a white, red and blue puppet in his sister Vittoria’s toy basket. «Do you remember that this was mine?», He asks his father. «It is not of a female color but … »observes the child. “But there is no color for females, ”the rapper explains. “Yes, it exists … Pink exists for women,” says Leone. “That’s not true, I like pink and I wear it too. But who taught you this thing? »Asks Fedez.


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It is not the first time that Fedez tears apart genre clichés. Last year, for example, the rapper launched his own line of enamels of six colors, including pink, which he regularly uses on himself. Meanwhile, two months after pancreatic surgery for a rare endocrine tumor, his life seems to have returned to normal. Posting a picture of his scar on the abdomen he explained: «The doctors told me that I could wait up to six months before starting to sing and exercise again after the surgery. But the willpower And the love than whoever is close to you is sometimes stronger than everything. And here I am, not even two months after the operation. Trivial to say but it is there stronger care that there is”.

Last week he also appeared on the friend’s stage Tananai, in Milan, with whom he sang a song: it was the first live performance after the operation in March. On that same evening Fedez was seen talking to Rovazzi, the ex friend with whom he had broken up, and with whom there may have been a reconciliation. Just as he seems to have returned the serene with J-Ax, another friendship ended. The fans hope so.


Source: Vanity Fair

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