Fedez and the scam against him thwarted by his mother manager

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“A 100 thousand euro scam against Fedez”. This is the accusation made by the Milan prosecutor’s office against a former employee of Doom, the company of which the artist’s mother, Annamaria Berrinzaghi, is managing director. Doom, as we read on the Net, deals with the rapper’s affairs related to music and not only, his image rights, but also the management of young artists.

At the heart of the alleged scam is an advertising contract, reports Republic, with a brand of backpacks, which however is totally unrelated to the story. In the act of closure of the investigation notified to the parties, a former employee of the Doom that ahe allegedly had closed the sponsorship contract for 250 thousand euros, while in reality the brand had offered 350 thousand euros. The remainder was supposed to flow into another company, unbeknownst to everyone.


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According to the prosecutor, the man had made Federico Lucia’s mother believe “that he had reached an economic agreement with Seven relating to a promotional activity that the artist would have carried out for an amount of 250 thousand euros instead of 350 thousand”, reads in the ‘act, as it always reports Republic. At the same time, the former employee allegedly convinced the backpack brand to pay the 100,000 euros directly to another company under another agreement. However, this agreement was non-existent, given that Fedez’s mother, CEO of the company, was not aware of it.

At that point Berrinzaghi would have understood that he was facing an attempt at scam. From there the complaint to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor, once the investigations were completed, notified the notice of guarantee to the 38-year-old, and is ready to ask for an indictment.


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