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Fedez, daughter Vittoria says (finally) “dad”. And the video goes viral

“Think if you said live”Pope“, my love”. Fedez it’s not particularly convinced, the tone of voice tells it. On the other hand, it has been for weeks that try in all ways to make his daughter pronounce Victory that little magic word, but her every time – even when always on the verge of repeat it – usually turns to “mom“. This time, however, it ends in different way: «Pa», exclaims the second child of the house Ferragnez.

“What did you say?” The rapper urges her, looking incredulous the goal of his smartphone. “Pa-pa,” Vittoria repeats, doing explode with joy Fedez. And with him the army of the followerswhich for some time now had been linked to smash: «To say it, he waited for a live, it is already a digital entrepreneurSomeone jokes in the comments. As the clip becomes viral and the word “dad” ends on top of trends of Twitter.

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Mom Clearmeanwhile, laughs off a tennis court Saint Tropez, where he is for work. In fact, he stayed in Milan over the weekend the husband together with his two children, between walks in the park, dinners on the terrace and many icicles. “Serenity», Writes the singer ironically on the sidelines of a video in which he resumes Lion during a bike ride who gets angry with the little sister.

«I haven’t tattooed myself in a while», Fedez joked, «now I would like to draw myselfthe disgusted face of Vittoria“. To which, after a long time, he managed to do say dad. Already in May, among other things, it had gone viral another video published by Ferragnez with a compilation of best moments in which they tried to get their daughter to say that word. After so much effort, mission finally accomplished.

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