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Fedez under investigation: guest on Rai in Alessandro Cattelan's new program is skipped

Fedez and Alessandro Cattelan have known each other since X Factor, and there has always been mutual respect between the two. This is why Cattelan hoped to count on the presence of the rapper with whom he had launched into one very fun challenge with hot peppers shortly before the 2023 Sanremo Festival began – for his new prime time program on Rai2, Up close, no one is normal, starting on May 20th. It's just a shame that Rai, in light of what happened in the case of beating of Cristiano Iovino who sees him officially among the suspects, has chosen to backtrack, closing the doors to Fedez as happened after his speech at the May Day concert.

Stefania Casellato

The news was anticipated by Davide Maggio's blog and taken up by the main national newspapers, which explain both how Cattelan will have to do without his star guest and how Fedez is going through a new turbulent phase in his life after the pandoro scandal that hit Chiara Ferragni and the couple's separation. Fedez, as we know, denied on several occasions during his participation in the Turin Book Fair that he was involved in what happened to Iovino, but the investigators, according to some testimonies and videos, maintain the opposite.

Source: Vanity Fair

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