Fermented milk: why it is good and how to choose it

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In recent years there has been a lot of talk about fermented foods. Between these there is fermented milk which derives from the fermentation of milk by microorganisms. In the supermarket refrigerator counter there are different types. From yogurt to kefir. “Fermented milk is a natural concentrate of live lactic ferments, bacteria that help keep the intestinal flora in balance” he explains Laura Ferrero, medical surgeon specializing in Food Science.

Several studies have shown that a good intestinal flora contributes to making us sick less and staying fit and healthy. “The bacteria that populate the intestine are involved in the absorption of nutrients, in the functioning of the immune system and finally, in the production of certain hormones that regulate mood and satiety,” explains the expert.

When buying, it is important to focus on the information on the label. «A quality fermented milk it is low in sugar and contains only milk and live bacteria»Specifies the expert. There are several types of fermented milk. Those probiotics they contain microorganisms useful for maintaining the intestinal microbiota in balance. The fermented milks prebiotics instead they are enriched with non-digestible fibers such as inulin which stimulate the development of good bacteria. Then, there are those functional in which, for example, phytosterols are added, substances that help reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol.

Fermented milk is a very versatile product. «It can be consumed for breakfast instead of traditional milk or as a snack to break mid-morning or mid-afternoon hunger»Suggests the expert. One of the advantages it has is its reduced calories. “Thanks to the richness of proteins and carbohydrates, it ensures readily available and long-lasting energy, but compared to traditional milk it has fewer calories and a lower fat content. Given its reduced energy content it can also be an excellent substitute for the classic dessert ». To increase its benefits, the expert suggests “is to associate it with sources of soluble fiber such as fresh fruit, in particular apples and pears rich in inulin and pectin or whole grains, which multiply the good microorganisms of which it is rich. “.

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