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Fernanda Paes Leme leaves maternity hospital after giving birth to Pilar

Fernanda Paes Leme, 40, left the hospital on the afternoon of this Sunday (21), after giving birth to her first daughter.

The actress and presenter recorded the moment in stories on her official Instagram profile and used the song “Por Tempo”, by Cássia Eller , to record the moment. “We’re going back home”, say the lyrics of the song written by Renato Russo.

“Going home, I’m going to start crying. A new adventure begins” said Fernanda after leaving Pró-Matre, a maternity hospital located in Bela Vista, a neighborhood in the central region of São Paulo.

Cornerstone, The actress's first daughter with Victor Sampaio was born on Wednesday (17) . The two have been in a relationship since January 2021 and announced the pregnancy in October 2023.

On the social networks, many famous people celebrated the birth of the child . “Lots of health and lots of love for Pilar. Welcome, baby girl”, wrote Giovanna Ewbank. Artists such as Carolina Dieckmann, Gabriela Pugliesi and Leo Fuchs were also thrilled with Pilar's arrival.

Fernanda Paes Leme announces her pregnancy: “There’s a new life in here”

With information from Giovana Christ and Caroline Ferreira, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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