Ferragnez, Skam Italia and also Vanity Fair were awarded at the Diversity Media Awards 2021

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During an evening-event at the Parenti theater in Milan, conducted by Diego Passoni e Marina Cuollo and full of guests from the world of entertainment, culture, institutions and civil society, they were winners and winners of the sixth edition of the Diversity Media Awards announced – the awards that reward the characters and media contents that have distinguished themselves for an enhancing and inclusive representation of people by gender and gender identity, sexual and emotional orientation, ethnicity, age and generations, disabilities.

The evening event will be broadcast on 22 July at 9 pm on RaiPlay and on the official channels of Diversity.

Among the numerous awards given for entertainment during the evening: Chiara Ferragni and Fedez elected as Character of the Year, Cartabianca come Best TV Show, FERRO has obtained the comand Best Film, while Beatrice Bruschi, among the protagonists din SHAME Italy, withdrew the award for the Best Italian TV Series, e Andrea Delogu e Silvia Boschero the one for the Best Radio Program a The Version of the two.

During the award ceremony the acknowledgments to information: Best service TG to TG3 (for the service “Pakistan: smile again” by Giovanna Botteri), Best Newspaper Article at Il Messaggero (for the article “Female growth pillar of recovery“By Maria Lombardi), Best Magazine Press Article at Vanity Fair (“Common People – The normal lives of transgender and gender fluid people”By Silvia Nucini) and Best Web Press Article at IlPost.it (“Stories of transitions – What happens in Italy to people who want to legally change gender, beyond and on this side of the rules ” by Giulia Siviero).

«After six years one would think that the worst is over and that this constant work is ripening its fruits. Here, looking at what is happening out there, I believe that an evening like this is never as necessary as this year », the words of Francesca Vecchioni, president of Diversity. «The DMAs talk about visibility, which has nothing to do with ostentation, but means making what you name exist. For millennia, the invisibility weapon has proved to be the most effective tool for maintaining power. With surgical care, entire slices of humanity have been effectively erased, for ethnic reasons or to exclude those who are not deemed compliant, for sexual orientation, age, disability and of course for gender and gender identity. We cannot allow that to happen again. We cannot erase the people we should protect instead. Because it is certain: people in the dark disappear, but they do not cease to exist. For all this the DMAs are important: because where there are those who want to keep the darkness, they turn on the light ».

The Diversity Media Awards are an initiative conceived and promoted by Diversity, a non-profit founded and chaired by Francesca Vecchioni. They are made with the support of the European Commission Representation in Milan, the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, the support of GLAAD, the support of the Interministerial Committee for Human Rights and thanks to the support of companies such as Airbnb, Google, Diesel, Moët & Chandon . The Diversity Media Awards event is produced by Show Reel Agency (part of Show Reel Media Group).

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