Ferrero Rocher is now also a tablet

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The Ferrero Rocher now is (also) a tablet: indeed, three different tablets, as many as there are his tastes milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate – one more inviting than the other. Three new unmissable specialties for lovers oficonic chocolate born in 1982, which are also inspired by the shape.

The new tablets in fact they have small domes, just like the classic Ferrero Rocher, which is spherical: chocolate shells with a creamy filling with chopped hazelnuts, a distinctive ingredient that makes the two layers that surround them even more delicious.

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We will be able to taste them from the beginning of October, when they will arrive in Italian stores, and at the same time in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to then arrive, in 2022, in Spain, Portugal and the USA.

An awaited novelty for chocolate lovers, the new Ferrero Rocher tablets are the result of great teamwork: a team of 50 people who test after test has found the perfect balance to offer us a new way to enjoy the pleasure of Ferrero Rocher at any time of day and year, with a new product that – like all of Ferrero’s – It is made with carefully selected ingredients starting with 100% certified sustainable cocoa, and with great attention to detail.

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So Ferrero has also granted a wish: the bars are among the favorite products of consumers (above all dark ones) with a market that overall is worth 578 million euros. In the gallery above the photos

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