Feta, pistachio, olives and Kalamata olive oil – Greek products in EU presentations in the Japanese market

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Feta, pistachio, olives and olive oil PDO Kalamata are the Greek products that star in a series of presentations in Japan as part of the “Perfect Match” campaign of the EU. The following actions were recently taken during the EU’s “Perfect Match” campaign, which started last year:

• training seminars on European cheeses and butters and in particular on geographical indications (GIs), safety rules and their quality systems (https://europa.eu/food-match-japan/en/eu-dairy-seminars- european-japanese-food-perfect-match-gaishoku-business-week-2021),

The ongoing “EU Caravan”, a series of presentations in five different cities of Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama) food pairing of favorite Japanese and European products (meat, dairy, olive oil, fruits and vegetables), for highlighting the safety, quality and authenticity of the latter (https://europa.eu/food-match-japan/en/consumer-events). Among the European products, the following Greek ones are also starring: feta, pistachio, olives and PDO Kalamata olive oil. It is expected to be repeated in Tokyo on December 3-12, in the context of the event “The EU Christmas Village”,

• Presentations of recipes that “marry” Japanese with European products, such as roasted tuna carpaccio with olive oil and feta cheese, in large food and beverage supermarket chains, such as Shinanoya and Meidi-ya (https://europa.eu/food-match -japan / en).

It is recalled that the “Perfect Match” campaign is funded by the EU with the aim of creating a positive image of European food and beverages in Japan and their further strengthening under the Economic Partnership Agreement, in order to help increase demand and market share. of promoted products in the country.

The campaign emphasizes the “perfect match” between EU and Japanese food and beverage products, helping both businesses and consumers to get to know, appreciate and integrate them into Japanese cuisine.

Finally, for olive oil, the consumption of which has increased since 2018, it is reminded that in the framework of the Economic Partnership Agreement and as part of the protection measures of certain products as GIs, in terms of Greek olive oil, have been added to GE the olive oil of Kalamata and Sitia Lassithi Crete.

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