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Fidan: We disagree with the US on Israel, we cooperate on issues we agree on

The war in Gaza and Turkish-American relations as an extension of the impact of the crisis in the Middle East was the dominant theme in the interview granted by the Turkish Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, to the Turkish television network NTV. The head of Turkish diplomacy also argued that “Turkey is an economic and political giant in its region”, which “has a very broad agenda” and sees “peace as the most important stage of security”. Referring to the war in Gaza, Hakan Fidan said that “the US fully supports Israel. We too support Palestine. This is a point of contention.” Giving Turkish foreign policy elements of diplomatic behavior of a big state, he said: “Big states have a characteristic, you have to see that. Can they distinguish between subjects? Do they fight on issues they disagree on and continue to work together on issues they can work together on? And for us there are areas in which we do not agree with the US, in which we are trying to find a solution […]
Source: News Beast

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