Fidelity Digital Assets: 86% of investors are interested in digital assets

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Fidelity Digital Assets, a digital asset management company, conducted a large-scale investor survey. The overwhelming majority of respondents declared an interest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

The study involved 1,100 investors from a wide variety of classes – from financial advisors to pension funds. 408 respondents were selected from America, 299 from Asia and 393 from Europe.

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Financial advisors and large private investors were surveyed the most – 312 and 302 people, respectively. The survey also included 170 family investment companies, 107 pension and savings funds, 86 cryptocurrency funds, 85 traditional hedge funds, and 38 charities.

According to Fidelity Digital Assets, 86% of those surveyed stated the attractiveness of investing in digital assets. At the same time, American investors are more conservative – only 78% answered positively. European and Asian investors are much more open to investing in cryptocurrencies – they were found attractive by 89% and 92%, respectively. However, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing in every category.

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The respondents named the high volatility of this asset class (54%) and the lack of fundamental factors for a more accurate assessment of investments in cryptocurrencies (44%) as the main obstacles to investing in digital assets. Also, many investors noted the possibility of manipulation in the cryptocurrency market and regulatory risks.

At the same time, at the moment, 37% of respondents have bitcoins in their portfolios, and 20% also own ether. Interestingly, American respondents are more conservative here too – only 21% have already bought bitcoin, while in Asia and Europe this figure is close to 50%.

A recent survey by consulting firm RSM US in conjunction with Junior Achievement USA found that 25% of US teens prefer investing in cryptocurrencies over investments in other asset classes.

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