Fidesz in talks to form a new political group in the European Parliament

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In talks with conservative political forces in Italy and Poland, including the populist Italian Matteo Salvini, is the ruling Fidesz party of Of Hungary, as he seeks a new political group in the European Parliament, Prime Minister Victor Orban said today while speaking on state radio.

On Wednesday, Orban’s party, Fidesz, withdrew from the European Parliament’s largest center-right parliamentary group after the latter made moves to suspend Fidesz’s participation as part of a tug-of-war for Orban’s democratic performance.

The nationalist Orban stated that after leaving the European People’s Party, there were talks with political allies in Poland, without naming the party, as broadcast by AMPE.

Fidesz had talks with Italian Salvini and also with Georgia Meloni, the leader of the Brotherhood of Italy, a national-conservative party, he said.

“There is no need to hurry,” he said Orban during his weekly interview on the state radio station.

He added that the goal is to have a political home for Fidesz and similar forces in Europe. who do not want immigrants and want to “protect” traditional families.

The EU has criticized Orban for putting the courts, the media, academia and non-governmental organizations under closer government control. Orban, who is facing parliamentary elections next year, rejects the criticism and has refused to change course.

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