Fifth episode of The Last of Us will be shown this Friday (10); understand

Fifth episode of The Last of Us will be shown this Friday (10); understand

The fifth episode of HBO’s The Last of Us will be shown at 11 pm this Friday (10), instead of Sunday, as it has been since its launch.

Thus, the producers will avoid sharing the audience with the Super Bowl, the final of the American football championship in the United States, which will be played on January 12th.

The match has a very large worldwide audience – in the US, 112.3 million people watched last year’s edition on TV and streaming, according to NBC. This year, the halftime show will feature Rihanna. Away from the stage for years, her performance should also draw even more attention from the public.

After this Friday’s anticipation, the episodes will be aired again on Sundays, with the season finale scheduled for March 12th.

The next chapter should explain the emergence of two new characters in the series: Kathleen and Perry — who did not exist in the game that inspired the audiovisual production.

In addition, it will show two other characters that were introduced in the fourth chapter: Henry and Sam, who have an important passage and are very remembered by the players.

After being acclaimed by the public and getting great numbers on specialized sites, The Last of Us had its second season confirmed. Details are yet to be announced.

A CNN watched all the episodes. Find out more about the series and what we found in this article.

Source: CNN Brasil