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Fight in Rouge? Karin Hils publishes print and indirect: “It’s embarrassing”

Singer Karin Hils, former member of Rouge , shared a “print” in the early hours of Sunday (23) of a group conversation he had with his former bandmates, and raised suspicions of an alleged fight between them. In the image, you can see that Aline Wirley left the group “As Rouge Tudo”, in which Fantine Thó It is Li Martins are also members.

In the stories on her Instagram profile, Karin wrote: “Rouge… When you think he’s gone, he comes back, continues pulsing in movements that are sometimes underground and peaceful. When I speak, there are still people who don’t believe it. The mess here is crazy (sic)! It’s embarrassing, guys!”

After sharing the print, Karin also posted a sequence of indirect messages in stories. The posts, belonging to the page “@trechosquelibertam”, contain phrases such as “Stupidity is hesitating with someone who has always been willing to help you with everything” and “Our biggest mistake is getting used to the wrong way that some people treat us and convincing themselves that this is their ‘way’”, among others.

Rouge was a “girl band” that originated on the reality show Popstars, on SBT, which was hugely successful in the 2000s. However, in 2006, the group came together and each of the members — Karin Hils, Aline Wirley, Fantine Thó , Lu Andrade and Li Martins — followed their solo paths. Since then, the group has gone through ups and downs marked by alleged fights between the members.

In 2017, the group returned to action with new songs and celebratory shows. In 2018, the “Rouge 15 Anos” tour began, which brought together songs from the group’s first four albums. The following year, they released the song “Bailando” and, later, the album “Les 5inq”. However, in the same year, Rouge announced a new break, for an indefinite period. In December 2022, the group only returned for a 20th anniversary show. The following year, Wirley was announced as one of the participants in Big Brother Brasil 23, where she emerged as a finalist.

Source: CNN Brasil

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