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Filippo’s father, who disappeared with his ex Giulia Cecchettin: “He would never have hurt her, don’t paint him as a monster”

«My son would never have harmed Giulia, he loved her infinitely. Please don’t paint him as a monster». These are the words, reported by Corriere della Seraby Nicola Turetta, Filippo’s father, who passed away on Saturday evening together with his ex-girlfriend Giulia Cecchettin. He says his son has never been violent.

Like the girl’s family, he and his wife were interviewed and summoned several times by the police. They handed over the tablet of their son, whose car is at the center of the searches. After the reported dispute Saturday evening in a parking lot not far from the girl’s house, there were reports of the Punto Nera in Cadore, then in San Candido and the searches, says the Gazettehave also spread beyond the border with Austria.

The boy’s father denies that Filippo was upset about Giulia’s graduation. «He loved her so much and was proud of her», he always said to Corriere della Sera, «There was no rivalry for studies. It’s true that he was a little further behind with his exams than she was, but as a family we never made him feel that way. We never rushed him.” Giulia’s family has an opposite opinion. «We think that Philip didn’t want this degree, he didn’t want to see it go away, that’s why he took it», said his maternal uncle Andrea Camerotto.

The lack of news is what immediately alarmed both families. According to his parents, the boy had money with him. According to his father, he was sorry for the end of his relationship with Giulia, but the two were on good terms. «They heard each other and continued to see each other. They loved each other. In the last few weeks, perhaps, he complained a little because he felt her less. He would have liked to hear from her more often online, but Giulia was very focused on her thesis. The loss of her mother had also upset her greatly, she suffered a lot.”

He defines it as perhaps a little possessive, but not in a pathological way. «We suffer a lot to see him portrayed as an aggressive person. Or at least at home he has never shown us an attitude of this type. We find it hard to believe that he hurt Giulia, it’s not really possible. Our son is good. A nice guy. They both are. Giulia, for us, is like a daughter.”

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Giulia Cecchettin’s sister tells another story, a different version of the facts. «I always told her: if Filippo hurts you, at least tell me, but she never told me anything in this sense and therefore I never thought that that boy could hurt her in any way. However, he was very possessive towards her, he was also jealous of the time she spent with me and this didn’t make me feel comfortable, especially when they went out alone after she had left him.” The girl talks about emotional blackmail. «My sister gave in to her insistence. Filippo told her that he felt alone, that he was desperate, that he couldn’t see a future without her. Giulia was sorry and accepted.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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